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“Anxiety Too” The As Promised Excerpt

I promised an excerpt from my next book that I am working on, so here it is!  Spread the word!

“On a lot of days, I must confess that I find myself with all of my clothes and make up on, and justrealizing that I forgot to rinse the conditioner from my hair.  On a good day, I bend over the tub and run my head under the faucet and rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  On a “Fuck It All (a.k.a. FIA)” day, I just sigh, pull it halfway up, and keep going.  What’s the point?  I am already drained, and it’s only 9am.  So, either way I crank up 80s music and hope to forget about my morning, and still hope not to run into anyone I know because I am not in the mood.  That’s just how I roll.  That’s all you can do somedays.  Either way anxiety will be there because the fact that you would be stupid enough to forget something as simple as rinsing out conditioner from your hair is deprecating.  Something that you have done on your own for over thirty-years… even when you were drunk after leaving bars before going to bed.  Back then you could smoke at bars, and you came home smelling like the bar. My best friend Claire just Febreezed her bed the next morning.  I went the extra mile by taking a shower and used Philosophy all-in-one body wash and shampoo in Cinnabon fragrance at 2:30am.  Shout out to the Sephora online site in 2000, and the UPS truck that that delivered to my small mountain college town!”


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