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Submissions, Submission, Submissions

Hi guys!

This morning has been all about submitting some of my first book to review by publishing agents.  It’s not difficult, just tedious and repetitive.  A lot of pasting in the body of emails.  Luckily, I found a website that lists alphabetically all agents of nonfiction/memoirs that have emails that you can submit to… it’s been over an hour and I just got to the “C’s”.  So, let’s all hope that this will help along with the past bouts with submissions since my first publication.

On a good note, my first book is still being read steadily on Kindle Unlimited (yay!) and hopefully this weekend when I have my three free download days I will get a lot of response for both books.

So how are you guys?  Today, I am okay.  No headache so far… all week is an on and off storm here so I am just biding time until I have to go to the Emergency Room.  Let’s hope that I don’t, but based on statistics with me…  Anxiety has been okay.  It may amp up a bit over the weekend with the whole book download thing.  I already check my Kindle updates a lot, but I get a little absorbed when it comes to people actually owning something I wrote.

Well, I wanted to be better about getting on here, so I wanted to check in and say hello!

Much Love!

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