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Hey people!

I’m currently sitting in the courtyard area in front of the coffeehouse I patron, thinking back on my week, and smelling the LA County fires that are about 3 miles away.  Don’t worry, I do not think that I will need to evacuate.  If I have to then I will try to get to San Francisco where a good friend lives.  It’s really weird to smell smoke after going through so many hurricanes and Nor’Easters, I am used to just massive rain and flooding.

Anyway, I have had an interesting week.  I am still tapering my Klonopin dose to eventually stop taking it.  It is the hardest thing I have ever gotten off of aside from Effexor. I’m not vomiting or anything, but I have a persistent headache, anxiety (luckily not a migraine) tremors and twitches.  I am not going to lie, my next taper is Saturday night and am not excited about it.  So, I’ve started tradition more into CBD and marijuana (yay California!) to control all of the things going on with my body.  Last night it was VERY helpful.

This week I had four interviews.  They all went pretty well, but I will not know much until Monday at the earliest.  I am ready to have extra money, and something to do a few days a week.

I hope that everyone is doing well!

Much Love

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