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Hot take on misconceptions… Make an effort to educate yourself.

This week I started a job, the first in four years!  It’s great to know that I am able to work again, and meet new people as well.  I work with some people that are beyond clueless, but they are adults.  One in particular told me that she would not have to kept the job if the dress code was “business casual” because it was too much to do.  You’re an adult, you are expected to look professional.  The same girl asked a coworker from Lithuania, “What is that?”  *facepalm*

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is a comment that I read on Reddit earlier this week.  I was on a forum reading comments, and someone wrote, “I hope he doesn’t have manic depression, and that he’s normal.”  I usually overlook those comments, misconceptions, but this one irked me for some reason.  It made me question what people see as normal, and is there a normal?

I don’t know if I was angrier that she thought that, or that others probably feel the same way.  I see manic depression that is a piece of me, it doesn’t define me.  The first thing I say to someone is obviously, “I’m Liz and I have manic depression.”  Why does it matter? To be honest it is EXTREMELY rare that people even realize that I do unless I tell them.  Friends are actually surprised when I tell them because I “seem so normal.”  Yeah, it hurts.  No matter how okay you are with yourself, comments like that still hurt you in some way, and carry with you often times.


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