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A+ Inspirational Thread

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Roller coaster


It’s been quite a couple months. I have been horrible with my promise of blogging regularly.  So much has been going on in the past month and a half emotionally and with things outside of my control, which have left me frustrated.

I mentioned before that my bipolar was kicking in. I tried for a while to get through it all without going back on an antidepressant. I was off one for over six months and went back on one today. I was laying in bed a lot, not even watching tv, going to bed at 6 or 7pm and chalking it up to my migraines. I thought that if I got away for a week I would feel better and get out of my rut. I went to San Francisco and visited a good friend and had an amazing week!  Then I got back, and found myself really depressed again. So…

Another strain is that I’m looking for a place to live in New York on my limited budget, and it is extremely difficult because most places require 40x your income and a high credit score. Because I was sick, I didn’t have utilities in my name for three years, so I don’t have a credit score, even though I have a line of credit, and I definitely don’t get make 40x the rental cost.

Starting over at 38 is hard. I know that things happen the way they should, and that timing is everything, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating.

On the book front… I have gotten some agents rejections, but some have been personable and not standard.  They have said really nice things about the chapters I submitted. I continually get good reviews on goodreads and Amazon (FYI to other Amazon authors… they have pulled as well as not posted reviews from my book’s page. I don’t know if it’s a random IT thing or what, but it’s annoying.) I did get a 1 star review but it was hilarious, especially when I read the person’s profile. I didn’t fit into her genres, so of course I wasn’t her cup of tea. It also made me feel validated. Even Harry Potter books have 1 star reviews!  Long and short, I need to put in work again because I slacked off and I need to promote, look for an agent and fine new avenues to get readers.

I hope all of you are doing great!  Thanks if you read all of this!

Much Love!

anxiety, authors, bipolar, books, kindle, Life, migraines, Uncategorized

They’re Free TODAY!!! (Sat & Sun)

Amazon Author’s Page

Hey Guys!

Both of my books went free today for Memorial Day weekend on Amazon Kindle!  Please repost!  Much Love!

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Submissions, Submission, Submissions

Hi guys!

This morning has been all about submitting some of my first book to review by publishing agents.  It’s not difficult, just tedious and repetitive.  A lot of pasting in the body of emails.  Luckily, I found a website that lists alphabetically all agents of nonfiction/memoirs that have emails that you can submit to… it’s been over an hour and I just got to the “C’s”.  So, let’s all hope that this will help along with the past bouts with submissions since my first publication.

On a good note, my first book is still being read steadily on Kindle Unlimited (yay!) and hopefully this weekend when I have my three free download days I will get a lot of response for both books.

So how are you guys?  Today, I am okay.  No headache so far… all week is an on and off storm here so I am just biding time until I have to go to the Emergency Room.  Let’s hope that I don’t, but based on statistics with me…  Anxiety has been okay.  It may amp up a bit over the weekend with the whole book download thing.  I already check my Kindle updates a lot, but I get a little absorbed when it comes to people actually owning something I wrote.

Well, I wanted to be better about getting on here, so I wanted to check in and say hello!

Much Love!