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Gearing Up!

Hi Guys!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of adventures and opportunities!  Since I last wrote I have been to LA, found a place to live, bought a car, and started packing.  YES… I will be driving across the country for my new chapter in life.  I know that freaks most people out that I am driving alone, but I actually enjoy doing it, and have made many long drives over the years alone.  There is a nice aspect to the solitude.  You find yourself reflecting  a lot, as well as planning and making goals for the future.

I am very excited about all the opportunities that are coming my way, and can’t wait to see where I will be in a few months or even a year from now!

I will chat with you guys each night that I am on the road to let you know everything I have seen.  P.S. The Grand Canyon is already on the list.  If you know of any cool or weird places off I-40 let me know!

Much Love

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Check this out #migraines

Hey guys!

I was sent this website Achy Smile and it’s about chronic illnesses, mostly in the form of a blog. There is a diary kept by a person taking Aimovig (the first and only drug approved for chronic migraines).  Also, a link is available to a gift shop with tees, bags and accessories regarding chronic illness. 10% of the proceeds go to a charity, and domestic shipping is only $5. I bought a “Spoonie” tee for both me and my mom that refers to the Spoon Theory.

Hope all of you get to check this out!

Much love!