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They’re Free TODAY!!! (Sat & Sun)

Amazon Author’s Page

Hey Guys!

Both of my books went free today for Memorial Day weekend on Amazon Kindle!  Please repost!  Much Love!

anxiety, authors, bipolar, books, kindle, Life, migraines, Uncategorized

Read “Anxiety Too” NOW!!!

“Anxiety Too” by Liz Lea on Amazonlegos_a0c65870-d86c-40ef-a888-26171975a798

It’s finally here!  It’s out and about on Kindle!  Get it now for $9.99! Liz is back with her follow up to “Should I Have Told You That?: A Memoir” with more stories of shenanigans filled with heart involving family and friends. There are more stories of crazy things that happened as a kid, a teenager and a confused, but head strong twenty-something. Even in her thirties you identify with her experiences as an adult through the pages of this book. No matter what situation you are in, or well Liz is in, anxiety is always around and that is what makes this book so hilarious and relatable.

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Just Making It


Today is a rough day, I am not going to lie.  I have actually had a rough week.  I usually try to make it to a coffee shop a few times a week to relax and write, but I did not make it once this week.  Most of the week has been spent under my weighted blankets (32 lbs) on  my bed with a migraine, or crying with an anxiety attack, and writing somewhere in-between.  I went to the Emergency Room twice this week due to migraines, and neither time was fun.  I have started getting anxiety attacks about going there because I do know all of the doctors and nurses and I feel horrible that they see me all of the time during my migraine season.  Even though they have all told me that they are glad to see me as a patient in the sense that I am easy because they know what to give me, how to set up the IV for me because they know where to after seeing my arms so many times.  Even after hearing that, knowing that the little airplane next to my name signifying that I am a “frequent flyer” there still makes me uneasy.  I even took my MacBook to the Emergency Room and pounded out a story for my new book before getting meds!  So, I am trying to amp myself up by listening to a Motown mix on Spotify.

On a good front though a little disability news.  I spoke to my Medicaid case worker on Wednesday and got some things cleared up, so it looks like I will be approved for a program that I qualify that basically covers all of my medical premiums and copays, etc.  Yay!

Another positive, I woke up this morning and after taking a shower checked my twitter notifications and saw that a tweet that I sent out three weeks ago about my book was retweeted, and the tweet has been seen over 2K times, and is still growing by the hour!  I spent the day yesterday submitting to agents, and writing.

So far today, my best friend (of almost thirty-years next year) has been adding in memories of things that I forgot about of stories that I started writing.  This really warms my heart because with my first book she stood back during my process of writing and publishing, then waited to read the book with everyone else when it came out.  Now, she is reading stories when I send them along and showing coworkers to prove these things actually happened!

Sorry for a long blog.  I hope everyone is doing well, and that you are all more productive than me today… or as productive as your body lets you be!

Much Love

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“Anxiety Too” The As Promised Excerpt

I promised an excerpt from my next book that I am working on, so here it is!  Spread the word!

“On a lot of days, I must confess that I find myself with all of my clothes and make up on, and justrealizing that I forgot to rinse the conditioner from my hair.  On a good day, I bend over the tub and run my head under the faucet and rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  On a “Fuck It All (a.k.a. FIA)” day, I just sigh, pull it halfway up, and keep going.  What’s the point?  I am already drained, and it’s only 9am.  So, either way I crank up 80s music and hope to forget about my morning, and still hope not to run into anyone I know because I am not in the mood.  That’s just how I roll.  That’s all you can do somedays.  Either way anxiety will be there because the fact that you would be stupid enough to forget something as simple as rinsing out conditioner from your hair is deprecating.  Something that you have done on your own for over thirty-years… even when you were drunk after leaving bars before going to bed.  Back then you could smoke at bars, and you came home smelling like the bar. My best friend Claire just Febreezed her bed the next morning.  I went the extra mile by taking a shower and used Philosophy all-in-one body wash and shampoo in Cinnabon fragrance at 2:30am.  Shout out to the Sephora online site in 2000, and the UPS truck that that delivered to my small mountain college town!”